It's Hard to be Humble When You are a Mustang
It's Hard to be Humble When You are a Mustang
Home for Navy Mustang's.
"It's Hard to be Humble When You are a Mustang"

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Here Navy Mustang's can come together and meet with old and new shipmates. This web site is for Navy Limited Duty Officers, Chief Warrant Officers, or Officer's with at least 4 years prior Enlisted service and members of the Reserves. It is for those on active duty or those that are retired.

Go here for a more detailed description of what a Navy Mustang is.

Top 10 Best US Navy Ships Of All Time

The Last Ship Added was:
USS Witek EDD848

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1.  USS  Will Rogers  SSBN-659  Votes: 2622    1 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
2.  USS  Mckee  AS-41  Votes: 2160    5 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
3.  USS  Providence  CLG-6  Votes: 1976    2 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
4.  USS  Oklahoma City  CLG-5  Votes: 1966    2 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
5.  USS  Norton Sound  AVM-1  Votes: 1866    2 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
6.  USS  Goldsborough  DDG-20  Votes: 1794    No Comments.   Add One Here:
7.  USS  Emory S. Land  AS-39  Votes: 1713    2 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
8.  USS  Holland  AS-32  Votes: 1527    1 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
9.  USS  Guadalcanal  LPH-7  Votes: 1513    3 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
10.  USS  John Marshall  SSBN-611  Votes: 1042    3 Comments.   View:    Add One Here:
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I have been receiving requests asking if I know of any web sites that sell Navy Mustang products. Well I do. If you are looking for Mustang and or LDO/CWO mugs, T-shirts etc. Then please visit one of these web sites: or the NavyChic website for Mustang Wives. The “Mustang Corral” certificate is available from the website. To see a picture of the certificate click here.

I have had several request from aspiring Chief Petty Officers and First Class Petty Officers for tips and suggestions for applying for the LDO and CWO Commissioning Program. Therefore, I have created a resource page with links, tips, lesson's learned, and scripts for commissioning ceremonies. If you have any ideas or information you can provide for these "fresh caught" officers and would like to share it, please contact me at: LDO/CWO Commissioning Ceremony Ideas

This web site is intended for Navy Mustang's to be able to sign up in our Directory of Mustang's, use our Locator Service, engage in a little chat in our Chat Room or view our photo album and even contribute your own favorite photos. New services will be added as time goes by.

To view a preview list of our 3,502 current members Go here.

To access the members area of this web site you must first register. The only requirement is that you are, or were a Commissioned/Warrant Officer in the United States Navy, with at least 4 years prior enlisted service. And who was promoted up from the ranks of Navy enlisted personnel through an in-service procurement program, with no interruption of your active duty status.

Ray Plumlee
LCDR, USN (Ret.)

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It's Hard to be Humble when you're a Mustang

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